After running a series of 'day trips' we went back to our standard overnight schedule leaving at 1pm yesterday. We checked out a few lumps here and there and finally started marking some fish and bait on the bottom. After a short drift, we anchored up and it only took 15 minutes to get the first bite. All by ourselves for the most part, from 4pm till almost dark, we were off to a good start with 13 in the box when the sun went down. The night was slower, but that's ok...everyone rested up. We had 3 bites overnight, caught 1, then it busted wide open again at about 5am and we caught the remainder of our fish real quick. Probably had 35? or so hookups on the trip. pretty much non-stop action. The majority of the fish were taken on spinning outfits with 30-40 pound leader, with the exception of the fish we jigged which were on conventional setups and a bit heavier leader. Probably the best jigging bite of the year for us yesterday afternoon.

We are in tomorrow, then back at it wed/thur. Still have 1 spot open for our wed/thur trip.

open boat schedule here:

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