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New Jersey Fishing Update - August, 2011


We've  all ready had an incredible season, so who knows what the next couple months might bring.  If things continue the way they are now, we will have had our best season in 5 or so years when the smoke settles.  The Yellowfin moved inside the canyons about 2 weeks ago and we had some great success both trolling and chunking fish in 20-30 fathoms.  The last week, they have become a bit spread out and tougher to keep track of, but at the same time the Tuna are now back in the canyons, and the dolphin we've all been waiting for are here as well now.  The White Marlin bite started stong, then slowed over the last couple weeks.  We expect the marlin fishing to be back to red hot later this month and right through mid to late September. 


Inshore we have both chunked and trolled fish, while offshore to date, it's been a trolling game.  Jigging has also proved effective inshore for Yellowfin Tuna this Summer.  The overnight bite shoudl begin to get more consistent this month and be in full swing by September.  It appears things may be back to the good ole days with a great fall chunking season.  Not much on the swordfish yet, that will be a Fall t hing, but there are sharks out there at night, both Blue Sharks and still some Mako's hanging around.  Both the Shark and Swordfishing will peak in September/October.  If you are looking to get back out on a canyon overnight trip, don't wait.  This is probably the  year to go, so make some reservations between now and October.  Fishing will continue into October, but the weather gets quite unpredictable in the Fall, so no reason to wait.  We will continue to run our Canyon Day trips all Fall, with August maybe being the best month to do a day run to the canyon.


postheadericon NJ Canyon Fishing - Big Eys, Blue & White Marlin,Dolphin, and Yellowfin


white marlin fishingWhile fishing has not been as consistent as it was a couple weeks ago.  Great catches are still there to be had.  Yesterday we took an open boat group out to the deep for a 22 hour full day trolling trip.  Departing at 1am, with lines in teh water just after sunrise, we hit it hard all day and it paid off.  When the smoke settled, we kept 6 Yellowfin, a 172 Pound Big Eye Tuna, Released an estimated 370 pound Blue Marlin, went 1-2 on White Marlin, and added three nice 20 pound Mahi to the box.  While the Yellowfin action was not red hot by any means, we had our shots, pulling off several fish and loosing another nice one at the boat after a lengthy fight.  Adding a Big Eye and a Blue Marlin in the same day, sure did make up for some droughts between bites on the yellowfin.




eyeballblue marlin











Big Eye Group











white marlin fishing


postheadericon Bahamas Blue Marlin Bite Hot

The last few weeks has been great.  Yesterday, fishing off Crooked Island in the Southern Bahamas, OVER UNDER went 3-4 on Blue Marlin.  The mix of Yellowfin and Blue Marlin has been exceptional the last 3-4 weeks fishing Diana Bank, Crooked Island, and San Salvador.

Crooked Island Blue Marlin Fishing Report  - Capt. Joe Trainor


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Big Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin and Billfish Dominate the Canyons

There are plenty of smaller yellowfin ranging from throwbacks to 30 pounders, some nicer 40-50 pounders here and there, then every once in a while you see a really nice size yellowfin.  This one went 57" which puts it iin the 105 to 110 pound range.  There are plenty of billfish out there and for those targeting them, your chances are pretty good.  One one day alone we had shots at 4 whites and 2 blue marlin.  Broke off a really nice fish that was probably 300-400 pounds.

White Marlin Fishing NJ


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Mako Shark Action Red Hot!


Mako Shark Fishing NJAfter talking to Mitch Roffer, we decided to head offshroe a bit further than normal on our most recent Shark Trip.  The moved paid off big time, as we had steady action on Mako Sharks all day.  We ended up hooking 5, releasing 3, boating one 171 Pounds, and jumping off one more.  We went about 55 miles to a temperature break on the 30 fathom curve.  ROFF's analysis was bang on and we only did one drift all day.  Shark action should remain good for about 10 more days.  Things are happening quickly right now off the NJ coast.  Great early season catches of Yellowfin are happening all ready, so don't wait!  It's time to fish.


Tight Lines,

Capt Trey Rhyne

















































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