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Cape May Drum Fishing Still Slow


Drum FishingGot out again last night after a few nights off, hoping the bite would have turned on a bit better.  It was better, but still quite slow overall.  We caught one fish, which was about what most people did.  Sounded like a lot of boats caught none, some caught 1 or 2, and i heard of one boat that had 3, which would have put them as top hook...not good for this time of year.  We continue to mark the fish, but they have just not been on the feed.  This can change in a heart beat and we are hoping tonight's the night!


Tight Lines,  Trey


postheadericon San Salvador Bahamas - Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna

San Salvador Bahamas Fishing Report - May 2011


Take a listen to Capt. Joe's report.  Slow fishing at Cat Island had OVER UNDER on the move to San Salvador looking for better action, and better action they found with a nice catch of Yellowfin Tuna and a 300 pound Blue Marlin in only a short time of fishing.  We will see what the next couple days brings, but sounds like it's going off over in San Salvador right now.


San Salvador Fishing - Joe Trainor, OVER UNDER - 54' Bertram


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New Jersey Flounder Fishing Report


Flounder Fishing NJMay and June are the months to catch your big flounder in the Back Bays here in Avalon and Stone Harbor New Jersey  Plenty of shorts, but we are getting a decent number of keepers this time of year.  On a quick trip this afternoon today, Capt. Johnny put these 4 nice Flounder in the box, while letting 7 others go to grow up!


Don't wait. This is the absolute best time of year to go flounder fishing here in Southern New Jersey. We are fishing from Sea Isle City, all the way to Cape May.  Great way to spend a few hours with the kids.  Lots of action, calm shallow waters, only a stones throw from the dock in the back bays of Avalon and Stone Harbor, NJ.


postheadericon Cape May Drum Fishing Report

Cape May, NJ - Drum Fishing Last Two Nights

cape may drum fishingAfter a really good bite on Wednesday and Thursday night, the Drum took the last couple nights off.  As you can see, the fleet of boats out this weekend was pretty intense and the fishing turned right off.  A few fish were caught here and there, but for the most part they were a no-show for the weekend.  We marked them both Friday and Saturday, but they just were not cooperating.  Hopefully a little less boat traffic will get them back on the feed this week.

Pictured left you can see part of the "Drum Fleet" anchored up yesterday evening in the Delaware Bay.  We fished till 9:30, then called it quits, waiting for the change of the tide in hopes that they'd start biting for us.  Talked to several other boats out last night and everyone reported slow drum fishing.

We will continue to run Drum Fishing Trips and Open Boat Drum Trips, as long as it seems the fish are around.  We expect this to last through about the first 10 days of June.


postheadericon Drum Fishing Heats Up!

Cape May Drum Fishing Turns On!


Drum FishingWe had our first reall good night last night, boating 5 fish, loosing another on a short trip.  We picked on fish on the slack tide, then had to wait a bit, but around 8:30 they turned on real good and we released 4 more fish and headed for the barn with the rain showing no signs of letting up.  The fish were 25 to 45 pounds, but we know there are some bigger ones around!


The bite should last a couple weeks and we still have some good mid-week dates available when the boat traffic is a bite liighter.


Tight Lines,



Drum Fishing Cape May


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